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TV Buying Guide

LCD TV Buying Guide

The next step down from a Plasma is LCD, or liquid crystal display, TV. LCDs are probably the TV type with the most value and advantages for your money. A 20-inch will run you around $500, a 30-inch about $1000, and a 40-inch over $2000.

The LCD TV has three major advantages over all other TV types. The first is that the depth and weight of an LCD make them versatile enough that even a large one would fit and look good in almost any room. Plus they are easy to move around for those who like to rearrange their furnishings often for a fresh look.

The second major advantage is an LCDs long life span. This type of TV will outlive all others currently on the market assuming it is well cared for and undamaged. This makes its relative low-cost an even greater asset.

The final great advantage of an LCD TV is its ability to avoid burned-in images. This happens when certain images are displayed on the screen constantly for a long period of time, an LCD is least prone to this type of damage.

These three advantages are unmatched by any other TV type, however they are not the only advantages an LCD has. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, have images that move at relatively high speeds to reduce "trailing", and have bright and vivid pictures for the optimum viewing experience. There is little disadvantage to owning an LCD except that the viewing quality is diminished when viewing from certain angles.

Quick Glance Guide

Advantages of the LCD TV
  • Long life span when compared to other TV models
  • 20-inch starts at around $500
  • Thin frame which makes it light and easy to move
  • Least prone to burn-in damage when compared to other TV models
  • Low risk of images that "trail", however not as low as other TV models
Disadvantages of the LCD TV
  • Diminished viewing quality from certain angles
  • Not as advanced as higher-end models
  • Not as readily available in extremely large sizes when compared to Plasmas

Recommended Merchants for LCD TVs:
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  • Dell(click to view LCD inventory)