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How to Save Money Without Feeling Deprived

With gas prices out of control, it is important to know that there are ways you can save money in other ways. You have probably have seen various tips on how to save money but I have a few that you may not have thought of.

Buy Online - It is definitely worthwhile to buy things online if you can afford to wait a week for the item. In most states you will save automatically whatever your sales tax normally is, such as 6%. Shipping is normally free at most big stores if you buy enough. For instance did you know that Amazon.com now sells personal hygeine products? So long as you spend $25 you can have them shipped to you for free, you'll save on sales tax, and the prices are already lower than most if not all local stores. I also have an Amazon.com Visa so I get 3% cash back, making my savings 9% ontop of their already low prices, for every thing I buy. So long as I plan ahead and buy months worth of products at a time I'm saving money.

Medication - Last November I discovered a way to save on the cost of my medications. This was great because I am on a number of medications and so the monthly expenses add up quickly. My insurance company offers a service in which you can order your prescriptions by mail. When purchasing your medications by mail you get three months at a time. If you order by mail you get three months of the prescription for the price of two. For instance if I had a prescription for Zoloft that costs $20 a month, I would only pay $40. That's a great deal in my opinion.

Purchase in Bulk - For items that you use very often, you may find that buying in bulk could save you some money. If nothing else, it would save money on gas from driving back and forth to the grocery store. I have a membership to Sam's Club. For $35 a year, you have access to a store that sells grocery as well as items in the entertainment, clothing and personal hygiene departments. It may even be worth it to buy a second chest freezer so that you can store meat and other perishables you bought in bulk.

Use the Library - Instead of buying the latest copy of a Danielle Steel book, why not go to your local library. Membership is free and it costs nothing to use their services. The library is used for much more than books. Their services today include videocassettes, DVDs, music on CD, free Internet usage, summer programming for children and much more. You can also find free reading and educational material online.

Movies - As an alternative to paying $8-9 to go see a movie at your local movie theater rent DVDs or videocassettes. You can even have them delivered at home by using Netflix or Blockbuster. For around $17 a month you can have at least three movies delivered to your house. There is no limit to how many you rent per month.

Haircuts - Try going to your local beauty school for your hair and nail needs instead of those overpriced beauty saloons. I use one located near my home and they do a fantastic job. For $5 you can have hair cut and styled. For $10 you can get acrylic nails.

You don't have to feel deprived when trying to save money. There are alternatives to the items in your life that are considered luxurious. As far as the gas prices go, I could only suggest that you travel less or getter a more fuel efficient vehicle.

This article was written by Staff Writer.